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**About Haflinger** Born over fifty years ago, German brand Haflinger has a simple philosophy: a healthy foot needs the proper environment to thrive. Haflinger. The natural way to walk. Extraordinarily comfortable and unbelievably natural footwear for all seasons. A simple idea for happy and healthy feet. Haflinger's boiled wool slippers are perfect for regulating foot temperature and providing breathability without compromising quality or warmth.

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I have had a few pair of Haflinger clogs/slippers and washed them all the time without a problem. Always air dried them. Loved my Haflingers! Like | 2; Save. boiled wool slippers haflinger - Danform Shoes Fit Experts recommend Haflinger's cozy slippers and comfort clogs designed to accommodate custom orthotics for plantar fasciitis support.

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Whether you prefer the classic “Grizzly” clog, the breathable, comfortable boiled-wool slippers, or a shearling-lined slipper, Haflinger footwear consistently. Comfortable Haflinger wool clogs are he most durable wool slippers we have tested. The Haflinger includes a leather strap to adjust the fit of the shoe. boiled wool slippers haflinger -