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The most common theory on how plantar fasciitis develops is that repeated strain on the fascia causes small tears to develop that eventually lead to pain. Plantar fasciitis is caused by excessive strain on the plantar fascia, which results in potentially painful microtears and inflammation in the surrounding areas. Plantar Fasciitis occurs when you strain a ligament in your foot, causing tiny tears. Learn more about the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment from UPMC.

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What Causes Plantar Fasciitis? · Wearing non-supportive shoes on hard or broken surfaces · Activities that place unusual stress on the plantar fascia (for example. Common causes of plantar fasciitis · recently started exercising on hard surfaces · exercise with a tight calf or heel · overstretch the sole of your foot during. WHAT CAUSES PLANTAR FASCIITIS? · Having high arches · Wearing shoes without proper arch support · Increasing exercise intensity or volume. · Running, dancing, or.

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Plantar fasciitis is most commonly caused by repetitive strain injury to the ligament of the sole of the foot. Such strain injury can be from excessive running. Common Causes of Plantar Fasciitis · Having flat or overpronated feet · Having high-arched and rigid feet · Being overweight · Wearing footwear inappropriate for. The plantar fascia functions as a shock absorber and supports the arch of your foot. Excessive pressure over the fascia may strain and tear the tissue causing.